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Best Botox Injections Austin: Do you feel like everyone you know is suddenly singing the praises of Botox Injections? Circles of all ages are dialing me up  for a shot of Botox pretty regularly—and it’s totally as normal and easy as scheduling a bikini wax appointment.

Botox Injections Austin TexasHow do people find me (or a good Botox injector in your city?)

First of all, word of mouth referrals are an ideal way to find a good injector. If you like the way a friend who’s had Botox looks, then you’ll like the way her injector works.

I prefer natural-looking Botox and cosmetic filler results. That’s my thing and my style. Not everyone is like that, (ie. Hollywood frozen deer in the headlights face). Here is another tip, during your consultation visit, pay attention to the aesthetics of the staff. In addition, if the staff looks crazy and overfilled, that is likely the style of the injector. If you think the staff looks great, that’s a good sign.

Is Botox Dangerous?

Botox is FDA approved and has been around for over 20 years,and used in many of the hospitals I have worked in for a number of different medical uses from hyperhydrosis, migraines, TMJ to Parkinsons. The biggest risk factor is the competency of the Injector, it’s all about the finesse and experience, because properly placing Botox is not intuitive. It’s not always obvious where it needs to go, and there are many subtleties involved to get natural, even results. Everyone’s face is different, and all muscles are different. Due to the complexity of Botox, you have to know what to look for so your don’t droop an eye or cause a heavy “brooding” forehead. One size fits none!

What age should someone start getting Botox injections?

There simply is no average age. I have seen 50+ year olds who don’t need a thing, and 25 year olds who are long overdue. Genetics, sun exposure, smoking etc. are all determining factors in wrinkled skin. More women in their 20s are starting to use Botox as an anti-aging (preventative) treatment. The less frown lines you make, the less pronounced, or etched in, your wrinkles will be as you age.

Botox Injections Austin TexasHow does Botox work?

I put the Botox EXACTLY where I want it. I know the muscles of the face (and neck) and i’m precise and thorough. Botox will relax the muscle it is placed in, so that you literally cannot make the movement that is creating the wrinkle.

How long does the Botox procedure take?

The Botox procedure usually takes about 10 minutes and there’s no downtime. Lunchtime procedure.


Do Botox injections hurt?

I use the tiniest of needles, since Botox is such a thin liquid. I think people get themselves all worked up the first time, and then realize that it really does not hurt. Its just a small pinch.

Will it take effect right away?

It takes a few days to start to see the results and 10 days or so to see the full effects.

How long does a Botox treatment last?

One Botox treatment lasts about three to four months, then slowly starts to wear off as your muscles go back to the way they were. There are some people who are lucky and it lasts 6 months or longer, but that is quite rare.

What if I decide not to ever Botox again? Will my face look weird?

Your face will return to exactly as it is right now!

How much do Botox injections cost?

Well the first thing I can tell you, is do NOT buy a Groupon for ANY neurotoxin. I have seen places water down their Botox to the point of total ineffectiveness. That being said, depending on the areas treated, it can range from about $100-$600. Everyone is different, and the forehead, upper lip for smokers lines, 11’s, crows feet, platysmal bands, etc. can all be treated.

Little known Botox Tricks: Botox Injections Austin

How soon can I have an appointment?

My schedule does fill up quickly, but appointments can be squeezed in to accomodate you. Furthermore, they are short, 10-15min appointments, so even a lunch break is doable. Call Dr. Jennifer Walden MD‘s office to schedule an appointment with me. Consultations are free! 512.328.4100


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