We’ve all seen them. The miraculous deals on Botox touting 25 units for an unbelievable price. Didn’t your mama teach you “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

I cannot tell you the amount of clients I have that are surprised when the watered down Botox doesn’t work, only to return to the medspa and be told “you just need more units.”

Botox_AustinPlastic Surgeons & Dermatologists typically consider awarding a cosmetic procedure through things such as Groupon as unethical, so a reputable MD will not normally do that.  “Fee splitting” is illegal in many states, but not in Texas.

A Groupon for Botox

Just because a medspa is licensed, doesn’t mean they are ethical. Trust me on that one. Many of them dilute the Botox to compensate for what would be a large revenue loss via Groupon. (Groupon typically takes up to 50% of the price of the coupon.)

It is often a last ditch effort of a fledgling medspa to run a Groupon and hope for a line out the door. Going cheap can sometimes bite you. I wrote a blog here a while back about the way Botox is measured and used, along with the average cost of Botox in Austin, TX.

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