LITTLE KNOWN USES FOR BOTOX:  Being the complete Botox nerd that I am, these little known “tweaks” with small amounts of Botox just fill me with glee. It’s no secret. I’m happy to introduce you to the latest innovative ways that Botox can help you get a little mojo back on your beautiful face.

Most of us know that Botox can relax and prevent forehead lines, smooth out crow’s feet or lift a sagging brow. Those things are awesome, sure, but pretty standard. Lets get to the good stuff and talk about the new ways that only CUTTING EDGE INJECTORS are using Botox!


Uses Botox A GUMMY SMILE can be cute until it’s not. A little Botox injected into the area just beneath the nostrils can inhibit the contraction of the upper lip, dropping it lower and fixing a gummy smile.

According to a post at, The effect lasts about 3 months depending on the strength of the muscle and the rate at which your body metabolizes the Botox. Given that it can take as little as 5 units of Botox, the cost is about $55 per treatment and is affordable to keep up (way better than surgery!)

HEADS UP: Some dentists have started doing this and like to charge $200 to $300. Not necessary ladies! Find an experienced injector and pay what it’s worth (around $50)


PUMP UP YOUR UPPER LIP: A little bit of Botox (4 or 5 units) injected just above your upper lip, along the vermillion border, can relax your upper orbicularis oris, causing your lip to turn up just enough to give you a little pout.

This is one of my personal favorites for myself, and a lot of my clients swear by it either alone (or along with a little filler)

HOW MANY UNITS OF BOTOX DOES IT TAKE FOR LIPS?Uses Botox  It takes just 4 units, under $50 worth of Botox to give you a little bit of a flip to your lip. This is a perfect trial for someone considering a little lip plumper. By the way, this is a lot cheaper than fillers, and you can avoid that crazy Kardashian pout. (eeeeeek)

IMPORTANT: Not for peeps with a gummy smile! And dear God, don’t have just anyone do this to you. If injected wrong, your lip could go flat and you will not like it.


Uses Botox SOFTEN A STRONG JAW | NARROW A ROUND FACE: Not loving your face shape? Botox can tweak your face shape too!

If you have a boxy, square, round or pear shaped face that you just don’t care to live with for another second? You’ll be happy to know that Botox in the masseter muscle, on either side of your jaw, relaxes the muscles in that area softening the shape of your face.

I do this pretty often these days, with the ideal face shape as of late being a bit more oval. It’s big in the Asian community for lessening a round shaped face.

Oh, and if you’re a teeth grinder or suffer from TMJ, this will nip that issue in the bud as well! You can read more about Botox for TMJ here.

FYI: Teeth grinding whether you are aware r if its in your sleep will build up those muscles, making the area bulkier. I personally like that look up to a point – but when the masseter muscles are bulked up more than the width of your forehead it’s not a pretty look!


Uses Botox ROPY NECK NO MORE: You may not have this issue yet, but one day, when you least expect it, you will my dear! The happy news is that you don’t have to live with it. A bit of Botox along your platysmal bands can do wonders on those ropy vertical lines.

Here’s how it goes down:

Your injector will decide how much you need. The effects last up to 3-5 months or so. I usually inject anywhere from 7-15 units to each of the front platysmal bands (There are 2 of them.) Each unit costs anywhere from $11 to $14 each, depending where you go. (unless you’re in NYC where you can pay upwards of $23!)

TIP: People! Only use an experienced injector! Don’t come in all wonky asking me to fix something you had at a Botox party or terrific cheap sale. Great Botox isn’t cheap, and cheap Botox isn’t great.


TIGHTEN UP YOUR JAW LINE: (bye bye jowls!) A little Botox applied along the jawline can tighten up that area in a jiffy! Believe me, it works and I won’t live without it!

This is sometimes referred to as the Nefertiti Lift. It’s  it going to work miracles, and is really for the beginning signs of howling or mild sagging/sinking. This can be anywhere from 35-55 years old depending on the luck of the draw in your gene pool! It does not help with creepy skin. That’s a job for laser or microneedling.

NOTE: This is for the beginning of jowls. Consider it “Plan A”. If you need a little more assistance after the Botox, then don’t rush out and get a neck lift just yet. A little dermal fillers may be the answer.

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PERK UP A DROOPY NOSE: As we age, for extra fun, our maxilla starts to turn in, pulling the tip of our nose down when we smile, making our nose look bigger in photos.

Being that we live in a virtual world of selfies and social media, it seems that it’s not how you look but more how you look in pictures. We have to think of these things, right? Two to four units of Botox at the base of your nose can lift up that tip like nobody’s business.

Who knew? Well I did of course, and now so do you!

SHRINK LARGE PORES? Shut the front door! Pores can be the bane of one’s existence. I mean, no matter how perfect your bone structure is, or how bright your eyes are, large pores can knock your self confidence down from a 10 to a 7 in a jiffy.

So, Botox to the rescue!!

According to professionals similar to those at Scarlet SRF microneedling, when applied within the pores, intradermally, with a microneedling, Botox can tighten up those large pores, making them appear smaller and less obvious. This is not as mind numbingly tedious as you would think either.

USES BOTOX SIDENOTE: When applying the Botox via microneedling, it’s a special dilution rate. This is also an advanced aseptic technique. Don’t trust your pores to anyone! You’d be amazed at how fast this treatment goes, and the collagen building after effects are the bomb. It’s OH so worth it


CONTROL ACNE BREAKOUTS: Say whattttt? Nothing like adult acne, right? Anytime I  try out new skin creams I get a sweet constellation on my chin. Pair that up with the 40’s hormone scramble and you’ve got a perfect acne nightmare.

If you’ve tried topical products and they haven’t helped, or at least not as well as you hoped, then you may want to consider Botox.

When injecting Botox into the oily areas of your face, it can reduce oil production, resulting in fewer icky breakouts. BAM! Acne no more!

USES BOTOX SIDENOTE: This can only be injected in certain areas. Not a quick fix for ALL acne, but most areas you’re golden!



MIMIC A FORHEAD LIFT: Botox in the hairline may be just the trick. Another cool effect of Botox in the scalp or hairline area, according to New York dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engleman, is that as it tightens up the hair follicles (about 150 to 200 of them), it can have a slight pulling affect on your forehead, smoothing out that stubborn top forehead line that Botox® normally won’t reach.


FYI: It also lifts your eyebrows, but if you want to do that it’s a lot easier just getting 2 to 6 units of Botox injected just above your eyebrow.


ORANGE PEEL OR DIMPLY CHIN: Are you no longer finding those little dimply bumps on your chin cute? Is your self your game a mlittle off when you have to use that smudge tool on your chin? The orange peel texture can be helped quickly and pretty much painlessly with a few drops of Botox to the chin.

I typically use 4-6 units here, and it typically lasts about 3 months or so. Also, it tends to kick in pretty quick.

You have to know what you’re doing in this area, or your smile can be affected for 3 months! Do your research and read reviews!


So there you have it! Botox is great for anti-aging, preventative maintenance (prejuvenation) and beautifying your features. Stay in the loop for the latest news on Botox and everything beauty and sign up to follow my blog.




5 / 5 stars