Help with Marionette Lines & Jowls

Help with Marionette Lines & Jowls

Help Jowls


Jowls are the areas of skin and tissue on your face that sag below your chin or jawline. Everyone gets them eventually, and they become more prominent as we age.

Genetic predisposition is a factor. Oftentimes, you can look at your older family members to get a sense of how jowls will affect your appearance. Jowls can also be exacerbated by weight loss and exposure to the sun.

If you’re tired of the way your jowls make you look, it might seem like invasive procedures are the only way to tighten all that loose, hanging skin.

CONTOURING THE PRE JOWL: Help Jowls & Marionette Lines

Help JowlsAs we age, a hollowing begins on either side of the chin, and then we add in a little early jowl formation… Good times. Skeletal volume loss and loss of fat and elasticity in the face is the culprit. Cosmetic fillers such as JUVEDERM and Restylane are commonly used in a couple of ways to help correct the pre-jowl sulcus.

Filler Fix: To fill the hollow pre-jowl sulcus, Juvederm or Restylane cosmetic fillers are placed in the depressed area between and chin and the jowl.

This procedure can restore a significant natural contour from the cheek to chin in many individuals.  In some cases, we can place dermal fillers along the jaw line and cheeks to replace volume loss and help to smooth out the marionette area and jowling.

Help Jowls & Marionette Lines with Cosmetic Filler & Botox

BOTOX Fix: BOTOX can also be used in an area that is a little below and to the outside of the corner of the mouth to help lift the corners, and further improve the pre-jowl area.


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