Seriously? Women Shave Their Faces?

Seriously? Women Shave Their Faces?

This topic is so weird for most women. They think that’s something MEN do, or it is unlady-like etc. Men age better than women. It’s a fact. Shaving throughout their lifetime keeps the skin young! My clients always ask me about the hair growing back thicker, longer, darker etc. This is an old wive’s tail. You aren’t going to wake up looking like Chewbacca. For more on hair care for women which also works for men, check this black hair keratin treatment review.

What about laser hair removal? This is expensive, painful and does absolutely zip for light colored or fine hair.

The truth is, shaving your face is the absolute most amazing and inexpensive exfoliator there is. Plus, you can see if you need any extra treatment easier – like if one of the Rank & Style recommended dark spot removers could come in handy. I have heard that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did it regularly so that their skin would reflect light better. Even Cleopatra did it, and then bathed in milk. But that’s another story for another day. I wanted to try it too! Sure, my boyfriend peeks in when I’m doing it and an odd look appears on his face nearly every time. But hey, I will look awesome tomorrow and who doesn’t love a good skin day?

Have you ever heard of Dermaplaning? I provide these treatments all of the time for my long-term clients regularly. With Dermaplaning (microdermal leveling) we take a scalpel (yes, a knife) and literally slide it along the skin removing layers of built up dead skin cells, and all of that glorious peach fuzzy vellous hair. You have to go to someone who is well versed in this treatment, obviously. Your makeup will go on so much better, and you’ll have a glow that lasts for days.

Basically, shaving is the next best thing to letting a skilled person take a scalpel to your face! But if you just really want to try this, but the men’s Gillette Mach 3 Steel blade is a little disconserting to you, try these recommended by The Tinkle is the bomb. I think Sally’s calls them Touch N Brow. And you can actually do a quick eyebrow cleanup on the fly, along with knocking out that dead skin and those random hairs that come with hormones.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Be careful in the shower. It’s so easy to lose a portion or all of an eyebrow.
  2. Don’t use the same razor you use for your legs. We want a sharp one!
  3. Pull skin taut with one hand, and hold the razor at a 45-degree angle against the skin. (shave downward, in short strokes.)
  4. Apply a great moisturizer afterwards!
  5. You will do this once or twice a week.
  6. It doesn’t hurt. Promise.

Here is a quick video from Michelle Money, who evidently has perfect skin. She will talk to you about shaving, if I’m not convincing enough…

“Where can I get Dermaplaning in Austin?” The answer is here, 6 days a week!

5 / 5 stars