Want Bigger Lips? There are many options to make lips look bigger without using cosmetic fillers. Kristin Gunn is an expert advanced injector for lips, but also recognizes that not everyone is ready for filler!

Follow these four simple steps to create the appearance of fuller lips. First, take a light nude pencil – concealer pencils are great for this — and color in the area just below your cupid’s bow on both lips.

Very carefully line the very top and bottom of your lips in this color, too. You are doing this to make this area of your lips look more prominent. Second, take a nude lip pencil that is slightly darker than the natural color of your lips and carefully line the rest of your lips with it. (If you smile with your mouth closed, this stretches out your lips a bit and you will be able to really work that color in.)

Fill in the rest of your lips with this color as well. Then, with your middle finger, gently pat the edges of the highlighted middle section into the darker edges, so you don’t have a hard edge. Finish with a nude lip gloss, one that allows the highlighted area to show through.

Another trick is to line your lips just outside your natural lip line, wherever you want them to look bigger, but this requires a careful and steady hand.

And, this is How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger with Makeup.

Want Bigger Lips? Do this!

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