Face Dysmorphia and Social Media

Face Dysmorphia and Social Media
  • Let’s talk about what no one ever wants to talk about, Facial Dysmorphia! As the owner and SHE-EO of the top Medical Spa in Austin, TX, I have seen it all!

Everyone struggles with their own face and sees things that no other human would ever notice. If you are someone still using a magnifying mirror with a light more powerful than the sun, stop it! All this has ever done for me is give me is the Great Pam Anderson Eyebrow Tragedy of 1994. I still don’t really have eyebrows due to the over plucking, and neither does Pam.

Facial symmetry is something I see people striving for daily, but few achieve. Why is this? Because no one is symmetrical. Not their lips, not their nose, not their face. Get the picture? Even with the best surgeon, we are not made to be a mirror image on both sides. This is why it looks so odd when you flip a picture in your phone. It simply isn’t you!

Here is another news flash of awesomeness, it is typically the little quirks we have that sets us apart and makes us unique. Think Kate Bosworth’s different colored eyes (Heterochromia Iridum) or singer Seal (who you may have thought had an acne scarring problem), but it is actually caused by a type of lupus that involves inflammation and scarring of the skin which exposed to the sun. Seal did just fine, and so will you.

What about celebrities? Even with a personal chef, trainer, and stylist, they still use filters, Photoshop and thousands of different versions of the pic you see before the perfect one is chosen. Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop comparing yourself to the filtered perfection you see on social media. I have many celeb clients and even the celebs themselves don’t typically look like the pictures.

My job is helping others achieve the best version of themselves while looking as naturally as possible. I spend a lot of my day talking people out of what they think they need, because social media has convinced them its necessary.

I can help with your skincare routine, your products, lessen scars with laser, plump your lips or cheeks and all of the above if it will give you some swagger and make you feel like a million bucks. But please, do this for you and you only, because you are beautiful, unicorn goddess, and don’t you ever forget that Sis!

5 / 5 stars