Think your diet🍩doesn’t affect your skin?👩🏼‍🍳Think again. 🆘🆘🆘If you indulge too often in white rice, bread, pasta and sweets, you can expect a few more wrinkles to show up on your skin.👸🏼once glycation does a number on your skin, it cannot be reversed, so prevention is key! Facials, microneedling & lasers⚡️all help, along with a healthy diet🍊!

Researchers have found over the years that excess sugar🌈 in the bloodstream can encourage a process called “glycation,” which in turn, ages the skin👎. what is glycation?

As we age and eat too many sugary or high carb foods🍩🍕🍝, these sugars react with proteins and fats producing harmful molecules called “advanced glycation end-products” (AGE’s). This process is called “glycation.” The more AGEs we have in our bodies, the more we age, affecting things like collagen (which gives skin its firmness) and elastin (which helps skin bounce back after being stretched).

It’s even worse when we’re exposed to UV rays. Glycation is enhanced in photoaged skin.

Other effects of AGE formation include:
* Age spots
* Fine lines and wrinkles
* Hyperpigmentation
* Hardness of skin
* Dull skin
* Uneven skin tone
* Sagging and bagging
* Degradation of collagen
* Inflammation
* Tumors

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