Botox used to be thought of as a procedure reserved for Beverly Hills housewives. It’s loved for its no downtime, lunchtime appointments and drastic results. Botox is pretty commonplace, but is there a best age for Botox? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that Botox injections have increased by as much as 750 percent since the year 2000.


Even 20 and 30-somethings are depending on the injections to treat and prevent lines and wrinkles. In my younger patients, we do a PREVENTATIVE dose, which is a very light amount, just enough to keep the wrinkles from forming. I see more and more patients under 30 getting injectables for everything from wrinkle prevention to fuller lips.

This procedure is much less controversial that it used to be. Women and men both love it, and I have many male and female clients. Some of my married ladies like to have just enough but still be able to keep their hubby’s from noticing, I am happy to oblige!

BOTOX AT AGE 20, 30, 40:

Botox in your 20s: To prevent hereditary type wrinkles from forming, I may recommend using Botox as early as your mid-to-late twenties to reduce facial muscle over-expression, which can also be a totally genetic thing. Many women don’t have wrinkles yet in their 20’s, and wearing SPF daily can help keep skin line-free. As I ALWAYS say, if you don’t wear sunscreen every day, nothing else matters! Our office carries Elta Sunscreen, and I personally feel like it is the best product for my patients.

If you’re considering using Botox in the future, think of your twenties as a training wheel period: It can actually help you train your facial muscles not to move as much to prevent future skin wrinkling. Don’t want that frozen face? I don’t blame you. I always use a smaller amount of Botox and inject it more superficially, so it doesn’t go as deep into the skin.

Also in the 20’s I recommend treatments every 6 months, instead of every 3 months.

Botox in your 30s: This is the decade when you normally start noticing some fine lines developing between your brows and around your eye area. Botox will soften and even erase many of the finer lines around this age, as long as you continue keeping up with this regimen every three months or so. If your goal is to look wrinkle-free for a particular event, like your wedding or special occasion, you can space it out to every six months to save yourself some money. If you have textural issues too or sun damage, I can help with that too!

Botox in your 40s: At this age, your skin is thinning more rapidly, meaning wrinkles are far more obvious. The thinning skin is usually most noticable on your neck, hands and under the eyes. If you’ve not yet used Botox, your muscles have been contracting for a long time and you might have a few static wrinkles giving you some grief.  Lines are more likely to have become etched in your skin even when you’re not making an expression. These lines in your “resting state” can usually be helped with a combo of Botox and Cosmetic Fillers. There’s also some mid-face volume loss (sinking or sagging) at this age, which Botox can help with. Your skin may not be perfectly smooth afterwards because of the changes in its quality and loss of collagen. A series of Collagen Induction Therapy can help with that! Again, you’ll want to keep up injections approximately every three months.It’s

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