The Botox Chronicles: Austin is in a complicated relationship with Botox. It reduces wrinkles in the face and makes some people so happy. Does it fit with our outdoor, artsy-fartsy, granola all natural city? Heck yes!

Do you want to keep your cosmetic procedures a secret? Then do that. That’s perfectly reasonable. The (seemingly) most unlikely people are getting Botox. However, I do notice at work that the stigma is slowly disappearing.

Many of my long-time clients are celebrities and TV personalities. I even do Botox treatments on wives of musicians & pro-athletes, judges, priests, housewives using their “secret savings,” to all natural granola clean-eating Yogis.

Your secret is safe with me. I often see clients out at public events and NEVER even acknowledge them unless they say hello first. It’s all in the Vault. LOL

All of my clients are treated equally, which includes 100% privacy.  My hope is that one day everyone looks at Botox the same as a manicure or hair color, but if not I’m cool with that too!


The Botox Chronicles: 90% of my clients want treatments that help them achieve a fresh, radiant version of themselves rather than the frozen look associated with injecting entirely too much Botox. Subtlety is key here, and honestly no one should even know that you’ve had it done when it is correctly placed.

Often times when I’m discussing Botox and Fillers I hear people say “I don’t want my husband to know, or my daughter, or my best friend”, which is fine. I want you to leave looking natural. A more refreshed version of you. My goal is that no one will be able to put their finger on exactly what you’ve done but they will notice something has given you a fresher look.

“My clients have followed me for years, because I will outright tell them “No!” when they are crossing that line into craziness”.

Most want to look natural, but just a smoother version of themselves. Less is more, and I stick by that!


Botox has been so successful because it is (seemingly) so simple. When it is injected, it blocks the signals from the nerve to the muscle. The muscle is weakened and the skin doesn’t move, resulting in fewer or shallower wrinkles.

One of the reasons Botox sometimes gets a bad rap, is that it in Texas it can be injected by people who have no clue what they’re doing.

“A place I used to work has their (uncredentialed) front desk lady injecting it after a 7-day training. This is somehow legal in Texas, as the laws are interpreted loosely”.

The correct technique is very delicate. Practitioners must know exactly where to inject it and precisely how much to use, to keep the natural look of the face.


I don’t think that wanting to look younger means you’re not enjoying getting older or that you’re not a confident ___ year old. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take a few years off of your face and erase that tired look in your eyes.

We want to prolong our natural beauty, NOT because we want to change how we look. We don’t want to look like someone else. We just want to enhance our natural beauty and prolong the things we like about ourselves. You like your brown hair, so you color it when it starts to turn white? Well same idea with Botox and cosmetic fillers.

And another thing… You deserve to put yourself first for once. We work, we are moms, chefs, house cleaners, chauffeurs, nurses, book-readers, snugglers, wives, friends, daughters…… you get the point. We wear a lot of hats. So this is one thing we can do for ourselves. That’s my pep talk for the day.


It didn’t really doesn’t hurt — just a prick. Again, this depends on the injector.

While I am not allowed to say that you won’t bruise, typically you do not. My clients walk out with what looks like a little mosquito bite (liquid under the skin) and it is gone in 10 minutes. Even the folks that say “I always bruise, I need ice first etc.” are generally just fine. It makes me wonder who they went to in the past. It isn’t supposed to be so hard!


In place of needles, there are lasers, peels and radio-frequency energy treatments, all of which work by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that make skin firm, plump and youthful, in turn rejuvenating the complexion.

These new non-invasive procedures can take years off a face without leaving it immobile in any way.

Our office provides a treatment called Venus Freeze, which has been used by celebrities. It combines pulse magnetic fields and radio frequency to raise the temperature of the skin and stimulate it to repair itself.

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The Botox Chronicles

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